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The release form: Coral Mine Silver 30 Sachets, Griffonia, Super Flora, Papaya, Coral Lecithin


The Healthy Start Pack is a product that consists of the 5 best Coral Club’s supplements that are mixed together to achieve a maximum efficiency and balance. All these products help the body to regulate the work of digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems and support them.

The pack eliminates the toxins in the body, normalizes metabolism and digestive processes, boosts the immune system and powers up all protective functions of the body, and even helps to fight the stress. This product is a healthy and easy alternative to many other products that suggest the same results due to only natural ingredients, and it is the best option for the people who want to start their way to the lifestyle of health and happiness.


  • Coral-Mine - the best product of Coral Club, being a supplement produced from a natural scleractinian coral from The Sea of Japan that cleanses and conditioners the water.

  • Coral Lecithin – a supplement that supports the work of brain, liver, and heart, and tones the body up.

  • Papaya – rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, this fruit consists such important components like papain, lipase and lysozyme that work in the stomach and intestines to promote a better digestion and absorption of the nutrients.

  • Super Flora – normalizes processes in GIT, balances microflora and the digestion-absorption process, as well as metabolism as a whole. It has lacto- and bifidobacteria, inulin that work as a symbiotic.

  • Griffonia – has natural powers of antidepressant, with mild but obvious effects, it promotes the production of serotonin that is responsible for healthy sleeping schedule and general mood.

  • Manufactured in: United States

  • Buy The Healthy Start Pack Coral Club in the USA, Canada in one simple step: click on "price" and checkout.

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