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We are inviting people to build business in the Coral Club company

Coral Club International customers benefit from:

- High quality products at affordable prices
- Individual approach, professional advice and help in selecting the most suitable product
- Comfortable conditions to purchase products
- Opportunityto be not only a customer, but to became a part of the Coral Club International team as a Distributor.

Consumers of Coral Club are participants of a discount program, for whom the company's products have become an integral part of the lifestyle and who receive discounts on Coral Club International products while increasing the accumulation of points for personal purchases as well as purchases made on their recommendations.

Opportunities for distributors in Coral Club

- Self-realisation in the international business
- A new source of additional or main income
- High-quality products at affordable prices
- Flexible working schedule
- Social activities
- Opportunity to improve quality of life
- The optimum conditions for co-operation with the company and fair marketing plan

Distributors are active consumers, which, along with the use of Coral Club International products, discover the opportunities of business partnership with the company.

Healthy lifestyle is the main trend of the 21stcentury. Each year more and more people want to know what theyneed to do to stay young and keep active for many years. Together with a number of supporters of an intelligent and integrated approach to health Coral Club International products are growing in demand, now more then ever before.

Good nutrition is a key factor for healthy lifestyle.

People who live in the city are under continuously stressful situations, aggressive environments, consuming half-prepared and refined products which acutely lack vitamins and minerals not only to replenish energy levels but also to maintain the normal functions of the organism.

To make your nutrition full and balanced, we develop high-quality products that are designed for regular use. They successfully solve the problem of shortage of various biologically active substances such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and become an integral part of the diet.

Business partners of our team:

- Are committed to healthy living for themselves and their loved ones
- Interested in issues of of good nutrition
- Has a good potential for creative, administrative or commercial activity
- Speak foreign languages or actively study them
- Love and know how to work for results
- Sociable and mobile
- Are open to any new information and is ready to apply it
- Combines independence and the ability to make decisions
- The ability to work in a team
- Have a presentable appearance, polite and correct.

Benefits include:

- Participation in a worthy and honest global business
- Comfortable, modern working conditions
- Worthy money compensation
- Discounts on products for your health support
- Specialised lectures and seminars by leading experts of the company
- Visiting international events
- Career, professional and personal growth

Coral Club International gives you the opportunity to build your own business by participating in the promotion of products Coral Club International worldwide.

Be successful with us!

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