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PhytoMix for Men

Nutrition and Prostate Health — Natural men’s health support

Prostate is a man’s  «second heart «

The prostate plays a major role in a man’s reproductive capability.The prostate gland is located below the bladder, surrounding the upper part of the urethra.

Prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate gland, is a very common male problem.

PhytoMix for Men — A plant complex for effective and safe support of men’s health.

- Reduces the risk of prostate disorders

- Fights inflammation

- Helps to relieve urinary problems

- Helps to preserve youth, attractiveness and quality of life

Why we recommend PhytoMix for men

Natural prevention of one of the mostimportant male problems

Combination of 4 active plant components with clinically proven efficiency

Ease of useOnly 2 capsules a day will help to maintain men’s health and anormal quality of life

  • Effective prevention of prostate gland disorders
  • Strengthening and improving of hair condition

  • Combination of 4 active plant components

Prenatal plus

The best for mother and baby!

Prenatal +

A balanced vitamin-mineral complex for pregnant and feeding mothers. Prental+ a vitamin-mineral complex
Prental+ a turn-key solution for a common problem!

  • Provides vital nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Helps to ensure proper development of the fetus

  • Helps to avoid some common health issues that pregnant women experience, because of nutrient deficiency

Prenatal Plus — contains all the vitamins, minerals and PUFAs that are most necessary during pregnancy, in the optimal amount and concentration. This product supports the woman at a time when it is especially important, and helps her to safely go through the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child!


Omega 3 (DHA 200mg); D3,E, B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B7 (Biotin),В9 (Folate),В12; Iodine, selenium, zinc

Everything essential combined
Omega 3, vitamins and minerals all together in 1 complex


1 capsule once per day


Components that work well together

Optimal dosage

Recommended amounts for pregnant women

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