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Super-Flora is a bioactive product that contains probiotics, prebiotics, lacto- and bifidobacteria that help the work of the GIT and contribute to the health of the whole organism. The components of the product are set to restore and support a healthy microflora of the stomach and the intestines, to regulate the metabolic and digestive processes, and to improve the state of the immune system.

The main effects of the product

  • - restores the inner microflora

  • - activates regeneration processes

  • - boosts the immune system

  • - helps to fight bloating, allergies, flatus, metabolic and digestive disorders

  • - activates detoxification processes

  • - stimulates a healthy nutrients and vitamins absorption

How the main ingredients work

Probiotics in the product are responsible for restoring the healthy gut and intestinal microflora, thus influencing many processes in the body. There are two types of probiotics: lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, and they have a vital role in normalizing the work of the whole GIT. They maintain a proper level of healthy bacteria in the gut, suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria, prevent parasites, viruses, infections from spreading in the body, they help to regulate a proper digestive and metabolism process, stimulating a better nutrients absorption and activating the natural detoxification process.

Bifidobacterium protect the body from pathogenic bacteria growing in the gut and causing fermentation processes, that in their turn lead to more serious complications. This kind of probiotics actively regulates the digestion process, affecting the absorption of nutrients and vital elements, normalizing the synthesis of enzymes, and stimulating better proteins and carbohydrates breakdown - all this boosts the energy levels in the body and normalizes its functions. Bifidobacterium take part in the vitamin and amino acid synthesis, the absorption of vitamins, thus stimulating the immune system and modulating the immune response. This kind of activity helps the body to stimulate the regeneration processes on a cellular level and lessen allergies.

Lactobacillus are active in all parts of the GIT, and they are important for the activity of the bifidobacterium. They also eliminate the pathogenic bacteria and other elements from the microflora, but on a bigger scale. They are vital for a proper functioning of the stomach, they destroy the helicobacter pylori, streptococcus, staphylococcus, candida and more. One of the most important properties of the lactobacillus is that they improve the work of the immune system, they participate in the immune cells formation process, strengthen the small intestine epithelium, and boost the protecting powers of the organism. They activate the detoxification process, helping the body to bind and flush all kinds of dangerous elements from the body, including parasites of different kinds, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, infections, fungi. This kind of healthy bacteria generally improves health and regulates bodily functions.

Prebiotics are basically useful food fibers that are only selectively digested, and they stimulate the healthy microflora growth upon reaching the large intestine, they act as a “sponge” that physically rubs the inside of the intestine, cleansing it of toxins and wastes, activating the detoxification process. This helps the body to get rid of wasteful masses and restore the healthy microflora without any damages to the body itself.

Inulin is also a natural prebiotic that stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria that are already present in the organism, thus ensuring the healthy microflora and supporting the overall effect of the product.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking one capsule of the product daily, during mealtime.

Manufactured in: United States

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