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Memory and Vision support

  • MindSet

    MindSet is a specially designed product that actively improves work efficiency and regulates brain activity. It stimulates a proper blood circulation in the brain, normalizes the nutrients and oxygen transportation, boosts energy metabolism, improves memory, concentration, stress resistance.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

    “Ginkgo Biloba” is a bioactive supplement designed to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. In combination with Hawthorn natural extracts, the product helps to support the blood vessels and regulate blood flow, helps the work of the brain, the nervous system, and generally improves health.

  • Gotu Kola Extract

    “Gotu Kola” is a bioavailable product based on the Gotu Kola plant aimed at improving brain functioning, memory, stress resistance,  and helping the work of the cardiovascular system. Gotu Kola generally improves liquid circulation around the body and regulates metabolic processes.

  • Coral Lecithin

    Coral Lecithin is a product with a wide range of healthy properties: it boosts the immune system, helps the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, regulates energy metabolism, normalizes the activity of the GIT, regulates metabolic and digestive processes, it supports the nervous system by providing phospholipids for the cell membranes.

  • Visi-Prime

    Visi-Prime is a product designed to support and improve the health of the eyes. It is a bioactive supplement that fills the organism with vitamins, minerals, organic acids to regulate the work of the eyes.

  • EyePhyt

    EyePhyt (Phycoten) is a product with bioactive properties that improves eyesight and prevents vision loss. Natural components help the organism to see better and protect the eyes from the external and internal damages.

  • Omega 3-6-9

    Omega 3-6-9 is a product with high polyunsaturated fatty acids content. These components are nutritive, rich in vitamins and minerals, they contain many organic acids our bodies need but do not produce. Adding this supplement to your diet will improve the state of the nervous system, help the work of the heart and vessels, normalize metabolism, will normalize the hormonal balance, improve the functioning of many bodily systems and even the condition of skin and hair.