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Coral Club is a worldwide known large company that produces and disseminates products for health. Over the last 15 years we have helped people around the world to restore and preserve their health, beauty and longevity. 

All the Coral Club products are manufactured from natural raw materials and are designed based on the latest technologies in the field of alternative medicine. Wellness techniques of Coral Club are aimed to restore natural health and balance in the human body.

For this the Coral Club Company’s specialists established a system of preservation and restoration of health on the basis of simple basic principles: to water, cleanse, nourish and protect our body cells. With these simple steps, the body restores and begins itself to preserve and restore.

Coral-Mine is widely known product of Coral Club as coral water. Coral-Mine effectively cleans the water, saturates it with minerals, micro and macrocells, significantly improves the physical and chemical properties of water. Coral-Mine is made of white Sango corals grown on the islands of Japan. According to the survey it was observed that the corals significantly improve the quality of drinking water on the islands of Okinawa and Tokunashima.

In contact with water Sango corals: 1. Purify it from harmful contaminants, chlorine. 2. Saturate it with minerals, calcium. 3. Normalize ph level. 4. Lower the surface tension, such water is more easily absorbed by cells. 5. Structures. Water interacting with coral calcium, becomes «alive».

You can filter water and improve the biochemical properties of water at any time and in any place, because the Coral-Mine package is easy to carry in your pocket.

Colo-Vada Plus. System for deep cleansing of the body Colo Vada Plus is highly effective, easy to use complex for 14 days. You just take the contents of bags and colovada cocktail.

Colo-Vada Plus program is divided into three phases: preparation, cleaning, final. Throughout the main stage you will need a 4 day fasting. This does not give you serious discomfort as colovadamix powder, swollen in stomach, blunts hunger. The powder absorbs toxins and excretes naturally. During the final stage body regains its normal operation, gradually a normal diet is introduced. It is desirable to carry out cleansing 1-2 times a year.

H-500 are modern antioxidant remedies with high performance. The increased number of free radicals in human body is one of the reasons of many diseases, premature aging. Free radicals are damaged cells that have lost their electrons. They take electrons from healthy cells, destroying and turning them into free radicals. The chain reaction occurs. Under the conditions of polluted environment, malnutrition and stress number of diseases associated with free radicals is increasing. Natural antioxidant protection is not enough. In such cases microhydrin will help you, one dose is enough to neutralize thousands of free radicals. People who take microhydrin, note increased tone, a significant increase of vital power. H-500 accelerates biochemical processes in cells, the ATP synthesis, it is not a stimulant or doping. The energy increase occurs due to the creation of good conditions for cells functioning.

Welcome to the Coral Club International in United States of America

Coral Club Company products is a supermarket of natural and exclusive Dietary Supplement products.

Coral Club Dietary Supplement is serious! All the products have GMP quality standard. GMP standard is a holistic approach that regulates and evaluates the production parameters on the input of raw materials during the production and output of laboratory testing.

Coral Club company products (CoralClubInt.) are produced by advanced technology in the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, France, Germany and Sweden. The range of Coral Club has exclusive products to significantly improve modern man health, drinking water quality, to raise energy, to increase immunity, to conduct a comprehensive body cleansing of parasites, bacteria, viruses, funguses, poisons and toxins.

Coral Club International is active throughout the United States of America.

Costs and prices of the Coral Club products are completely affordable and acceptable. You can see it by the reviews of Coral Club consumers.

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