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  • Go Detox 14 Day Cleanse

    Go Detox 14 Day Cleanse is the program earlier known as The Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus for cleaning and detoxification of the body, it is a 2-week complex divided into 3 key steps that ensure the maximum effect - clears the body of toxins, wastes, and harmful microorganisms, normalizes the digestion process, balances the natural microflora of the stomach. It is highly compatible with many diets and fasting.

  • Go Detox 14 Day Cleanse + Coral-Mine (30 sachets)

    Go Detox 14 Day Cleanse + Coral-Mine (30 sachets)” is a product set to get you to the best result in body cleansing and detox! Get rid of harmful bacteria and toxins with this easy step-by-step program.

  • Coral Detox

    Coral Detox is a complex of the best products that work together to drastically detoxify the body. It is a rich source of natural enzymes and vitamins A and D that work as antioxidants by helping the metabolism process and detoxify the body.

  • FanDetox 30 sticks

    FanDetox is a bioactive supplement designed to restore and protect the function of the liver. It works to regulate the activity of the liver, to protect its cells from the damaging influence of unhealthy diets, alcohol, smoking and bad environment, it normalizes the healthy activity of the liver cells.

  • ParaFight

    ParaFight is a product designed to help the body cleanse itself from harmful parasites and to support the GIT. The product is based on natural herbal extracts that have been famous for their anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties for ages. ParaFight easily binds and flushes parasites and toxins from the organism, stimulates metabolism, restores inner microflora and generally helps the work of the stomach and the intestines, thus supporting the whole organism.

  • Lax-Max

    Lax-Max is a product with a mild laxative effect that helps the work of the GIT, restores a healthy microflora, eases the bowel movements, contributes to detoxification processes of the body. It stimulates a better metabolism and digestion, protects the stomach and intestines from damages, tones up the organism. The product helps to purify the organism in an easy and natural way!

  • OpiStop

    OpiStop is a bioactive product, specially designed to protect the body and help it fight parasitic diseases, such as Siberian liver fluke, Southeast Asian liver fluke and Opisthorchiasis. It is a dangerous condition when the liver and the gallbladder are infected with worms and parasites, and the inflammation caused by them lead to much more serious diseases. The main sources of these parasites are raw fish and other sea foods.

  • Cascara Sagrada

    Cascara Sagrada is a bioactive supplement that regulates and normalizes the work of the GIT. It was designed to specifically help the work of the stomach and the intestines, it regulates inner microflora and prevents damages to the inner walls if the GIT, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and actively stimulates metabolism and detoxification.

  • Coral Black Walnut

    Coral Black Walnut is a product with a strong anti-parasitic effect. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, helps to detoxify the organism, regulates and normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to faster and easier lose excess weight, extremely useful in diets and cleansing programs, stimulates natural healing processes.

  • Coral Alfalfa

    Alfalfa is a product with high flavonoid, organic acid, mineral, and vitamin content, it boosts the immune system and stimulates a proper metabolism and digestion, improves the overall health of the organism. The product stimulates a natural detoxification process and tones up the body.

  • Coral Kelp

    “Coral Kelp” is a bioactive product that helps the body to activate recovery processes and regulate metabolism. It stimulates the detoxification process, improves the work of the GIT and the flushing of toxins, wastes, harmful masses from the organism. It contains natural herbal extracts and algae, is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and has a general toning effect.

  • Daily Delicious Hi-Fiber Acai & Blueberry

    Daily Delicious Hi-Fiber - The product has a nice natural taste, pleasant for all - Berry flavor with sweetener. Helps to regulate digestive system - and boosts your health overall. Stops different acids and toxins from irritating the stomach and intestines.