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Coral Detox

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Coral Detox is a complex of the best products that work together to drastically detoxify the body.

It is a rich source of natural enzymes and vitamins A and D that work as antioxidants by helping the metabolism process and detoxify the body.

The complex has the following positive effects on the organism:

  • - promotes a better digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, protects the GIT from toxins;

  • - breaks complex proteins and fats into easily-digestible amino acids;

  • - promotes a more efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients and vital elements;

  • - prevents bloating in the stomach and the intestines.

It is a supplement mix with a powerful antioxidant effect that eliminates free radicals in the body, stops early aging and detoxifies the organism, fills it with energy.

  • - helps the organism to cope with hard intellectual and physical activity;

  • - promotes faster recovery after workloads;

  • - slows down the aging process, stops early aging;

  • - wipes the toxins out of the body.

The mix is a rich source of phospholipids and it protects the liver from the toxins. What it does:

  • - a building material of brain cells and cell membranes;

  • - protects cells from damage;

  • - detoxifies the body on a cellular level;

  • - restores and recovers liver after the damages of alcohol, junk food, and bad environment.

The program comes in a comfy reusable bag.

Coral-Mine, Assimilator, H-500 (60 pc), Lecithin.

Manufactured in: United States

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