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Go Detox 14 Day Cleanse

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The release form: Package 28 (capsules, tablets), 16 packs colo-vada mix (powder)

Name in ENG: Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus


Go Detox 14 Day Cleanse from Coral Club is the program earlier known as The Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus for cleaning and detoxification of the body, it is a 2-week complex divided into 3 key steps that ensure the maximum effect - clears the body of toxins, wastes, and harmful microorganisms, normalizes the digestion process, balances the natural microflora of the stomach. It is highly compatible with many diets and fasting.

The main perks

The Program components have undeniable effects on the whole body:

  • - cleansing from toxins;

  • - laxative;

  • - destroying parasites and bacteria;

  • - stimulating peristalsis;

  • - microflora normalizing of the stomach and intestines;

  • - antioxidant and toning effect;

  • - filling with minerals and vitamins throughout the course, making sure the organism has all the necessary nutritive elements it needs.

I - preparing the body for the cleaning process

At the beginning of the program you kind of prepare the body for the main part, the detoxification, and at this stage, all the toxins and bacteria are moved to the large intestine. The products of this stage help you correct and control the bowel function.

II - the detoxifying

At the second stage, the detox powder swells a lot in the stomach, preventing overeating and making it easier for the organism to waste all the toxins from the intestines.

III - healing

The goal of the last stage is to rehabilitate the organism after the cleaning, to normalize the microflora of the stomach and the intestines and to restore the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. It uses a complex of natural probiotic cultures and components - lacto and bifidobacteria - and vital digestive enzymes.

Some of the perks of the program’s components and their effect on the body:

Cascara Sagrada is a laxative; it protects the stomach and the intestines from irritation, makes it easy to excrete the wastes and normalizes the bowel movements.

Black Walnut Leaves have powerful antibacterial and antiparasitic effects. They work as a complex to recognize and eliminate any helminth species, protect the gut from fermentation and decomposition processes, while also working as a laxative.

Ultimate is rich and in minerals and vitamins, vital for the balanced metabolism, it can even compensate for many necessary but absent elements, normalizing the process.

Alfalfa. It works to regulate the cholesterol levels, prevents many forms of anemia, is a rich source of many vital minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Also works as a general mild tonic. 

Being a rich source of food fibers, the main ingredient of the program, a caolin powder, it helps to thoroughly clean the stomach and the intestines when swelling in the belly and absorbing all toxins. The powder contains kaolin, that after being mixed with water or juice can absorb up to 40 times of own mass of digested masses and toxins, allowing the body to waste soft and bound masses of digested food and excrete it in a used way, without causing any discomfort.

Combination Two is a strong detoxifying, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory ingredient. While being a mix of natural plant components, it regulates the liver functions, detoxifies the body, stops any inflammatory processes of the body and stimulates the stomach and the whole GIT to balance the microflora and regulate secretory and motor functions.

The final stage of the program is directed at rehabilitating the organism after the cleansing stage. It is set to normalize all the GIT functions and processes, to restore the healthy microflora and boost the immune system. The Mega Acidophilus consists of a mix of natural and healthy probiotic cultures that help the organism to extract and digest vitamins and minerals from the food, to balance microflora of the gut, to normalize the peristalsis actions of the intestines. DigestAble, rich in various vital enzymes such as amylase, protease, lipase, and bromelain refills the organism with them and normalizes digestive processes. It helps to absorb nutritive elements more efficiently and restores microflora.

Manufactured in: United States

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Dr Albert Zehr Colo Vada Plus (Go Detox 14 Day Cleanse)

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