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H-500 is a remarkable supplement that has a variety of positive effects on the human body - from boosting energy and restoring the natural forces and powers of the organism, to stimulating cellular energy output and increasing endurance during hard physical and intellectual activities. It helps the body to maintain power during work and to recover faster when needed.

Main perks

  • - Boosts immune system and keeps the body healthy;

  • - Increases bodily energy levels - a vital detail for the people who have a hard work (intellectual or physical);

  • - Helps athletes and people who like activities to recover faster and easier;

  • - Stops signs and causes or early aging.


Magnesium positively influences the cardiovascular system and the heart, normalizes heart functions and muscle tissue functions.

Potassium is the provider of the oxygen to the brain, it normalizes energy metabolism and controls neuromuscular systems.

Boron and silicon are responsible for the bone and connective tissue strength and flexibility, and they contribute in preventing osteoporosis.

How to use

For the best results, you will need one capsule of the supplement two times a day (best in the morning and in the evening). Take it with a glass of clean - bottled or filtered - water.

H-500 is an excellent product of the antioxidant line. It protects the organism from the dangerous free radicals, destroying them and normalizing protective functions of the body. To achieve the maximum efficiency, dissolve one capsule of the product in 1 glass of water and drink as usual. The supplement helps the organism fight the signs of early aging and tones up the whole body.

H-500 helps the body to better and easier withstand different types of workloads - physical, intellectual, mental. The product slows down the production of lactic acid in the organism, thus making it simpler to recover from any kind of stress. The muscles take less time to restore energy, the brain does not get tired as easy as before, all recovery processes are accelerated. The product is highly recommended for athletes and sportsmen, for those who work hard or like to spend their recreational time actively - it helps the body to undergo any overloads easier and with less stress for the organism.

The supplement boosts energy levels of the body, stimulates it to restore the energy and level up the potential. It helps to break down proteins and hydrocarbon more efficiently, making the body receive the maximum amount of cell energy it can get from any product, and this process is extremely important for physical and intellectual work capacity, for the metabolism, and for the health in general.

H-500 stops the oxidation of cells and restores the proper alkaline level, boosting metabolism and normalizing the nourishment process in cells. 

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Video about H-500 with Robert Thiedemann

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