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MindSet is a specially designed product that actively improves work efficiency and regulates brain activity. It stimulates a proper blood circulation in the brain, normalizes the nutrients and oxygen transportation, boosts energy metabolism, improves memory, concentration, stress resistance.

The main effects of the product

  • - stimulates a proper blood circulation

  • - prevents anemia, atherosclerosis

  • - improves sleeping schedule

  • - boosts the energy levels

  • - activates brain functions, improves productivity

  • - improves vision

  • prevents early aging

  • How the main ingredients work

The product is designed to stimulate a natural brain activity and enhance intellectual performance. This effect is achieved by a complex of natural ingredients, herbal extracts and amino acids - components that simply boost the natural health and help the organism to fully use its own potential.

Amino acids boost energy levels, improve stress resistance, metabolic processes. They have antioxidant powers that help the body to fight free radicals and prevent early aging and oxidation processes.

Amino acids tyrosine and theanine influence the nervous system, they help to stabilize the mood and prevent stress and depressive states. They participate in adrenalin production, stabilize the whole nervous system.

Reishi mushroom extracts have a very strong “calming” effect, they are especially effective in stabilizing an over-irritated nervous system. They regulate sleeping patterns and normalize the nervous activity while awake.

A vitamin complex has a generally improving effect on the whole organism. The B group participates in improving stress resistance and activating the regeneration process in cells, the vitamins of this group actively regulate sleeping patterns and behavior, they help to stabilize the nervous system and enhance work efficiency.

Herbal extracts in the product (Ginkgo biloba, Gotu kola, rosemary, ginger root) actively stimulate metabolism and blood flow, strengthen the blood vessels and cell membranes, thus regulating the blood pressure and normalizing the nutrients transportation to the brain.

How to use MindSet

Specialists recommend taking one capsule of the product daily, during mealtime.

Manufactured in: United States Coral Club.

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