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Prenatal + is a product that supports the health of a pregnant woman and the developing child, it is designed to support both the mother and the child throughout the pregnancy. The components provide all the vital elements and nutrients needed during this special time to make sure mother and baby are in the best shape!

The product supports mother’s health, provides the fetus with necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients for a proper growth, preventing any defects or abnormalities.

The main effects of the product prenatal plus

  • - lowers risk of developing abnormalities in the fetus

  • - fills the mother with a mineral-vitamin complex

  • - fills with nutrients

  • - provides all necessary elements for the development of the baby

  • - helps the mother’s organism during breastfeeding

How the main ingredients work

Omega 3 is a very important element not just for the developing life, but for anybody. But in case of pregnancy it plays a vital role of ensuring that the placenta is strongly holding the baby, it actively participates in developing of the brain, heart, and vessels, in a proper development of the nervous system of the baby, and it has a massive supportive effect for the mother’s body. In addition, it lowers the risk of premature birth.

Vitamins in the product make sure that all ingredients are properly absorbed and distributed to the needed organs and systems. Without vitamins, calcium wouldn’t be processed properly, and the baby’s skeleton could develop deformations. Vitamin D is very important for the bone and muscle tissue growth. Vitamin E is important for regulating normal hormones levels, it lowers the risk of miscarriage in early stages, actively participates in the development of the respiratory system of the fetus, regulates the functioning of mother’s placenta and ovaries.

Folic acid, which is vitamin B9, is crucial for the formation of the nervous, cardiovascular systems of the baby, it ensures the proper growth of cells of all organs, regulates metabolic processes in both mother and the fetus, prevents abnormalities and defects of the baby, lowers the risks of miscarriages or premature births.

Minerals in the product, such as zinc and selenium participate in the development of bones and muscles, heart and vessels, the nervous system, brain, prevent anemia, toxicosis or other symptoms in mothers, lower risk of premature birth.

Iodine regulates the formation of the thyroid gland, as well as regulating the work of it in the mother’s organism. Lack of this mineral can lead to a series of dangerous abnormalities in the baby and diseases in mother.

How to take

Specialists recommend taking one pill of product a day.

The product Prenatal + prevents many problems people often face during the period of pregnancy or even while planning one. It is highly convenient because you would only need one capsule a day to keep a proper balance of all important elements in your body which ensure the normal development of a baby. The product only contains natural elements and herbal extracts and does not have negative effects.

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