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MultiMineral Complex

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MultiMineral Complex is a product designed to strengthen your musculoskeletal system, fill the organism with vital minerals and prevent the diseases of bones and tissues. The complex is also highly beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system, the GIT, and the energy metabolism.

The main effects of the product

  • - strengthens bone, cartilage, muscle tissues, makes them elastic

  • - eases the absorption of nutrients

  • - improves the mineral balance of the body

  • - prevents heart diseases

  • - normalizes blood pressure and metabolism

  • - improves digestive processes

  • - speeds up recovery processes

  • - eases the absorption of calcium

  • - prevents osteoporosis

How the main ingredients work

The main component of the product is calcium in a very bioavailable form, meaning it will be fully absorbed by the organism and will not deposit in organs or blood, but in the bones as it should. The mineral-vitamin complex of the product is designed to enhance the effect of every ingredient; they all work in synergy to bring you the best results possible. The supplement contains marine minerals as they are the easiest to digest for the body, natural vitamins, and nutrients that have no side effects if used properly.

Calcium is the vital component of all bone and cartilage tissues, it makes them strong and firm, all while stimulating the production of natural collagen that keeps tissues elastic. The combination of these two components makes the skeleton strong but not fragile.

Calcium is an important ingredient in the process of nerve impulse transmission,  meaning it participates in the activity of muscles and cartilages, regulates their mobility. Calcium also contributes to the health of the heart - it regulates the heart rhythm, normalizes the blood pressure, participates in the blood formation process.

It is important for the GIT as it participates in the enzyme production, regulates the digestive process and normalizes metabolism, thus activating the nutrients absorption and normalizing the cholesterol levels in the body.

Magnesium is a mineral that participates in the calcium absorption, the lack of it can lead to calcium deficiency or the depositing of it in the wrong places, which leads to serious diseases. This mineral regulates the bone tissue density, keeping the calcium from discharging, participates in the regulation of metabolism and digestion, energy metabolism.

Zinc and copper work in synergy to stimulate the regeneration and recovery processes in the body, they contribute to the health of skin, nails, hair. They regulate the blood composition and pressure, participate in the production of hormones and enzymes, normalize the state of the nervous system by stimulating myelin production - a component of nerve tissues.

Spirulina is an irreplaceable source of all kind of minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids. It boosts the energy levels of the body, normalizes metabolism and the absorption of nutrients, boosts the immune system and normalizes the state of the cardiovascular system.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking two tablets of product a day, during mealtime. It is recommended to gradually increase the amount of product within a seven-day period.

Manufactured in: United States Coral Club.

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