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Go Detox Packet 1 (14 packets)

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The release form: 14 packets, Ultimate, Vitamin C, Cascara Sagrada, Leaves of black walnut, Alfalfa.


  • Go Detox (Colo-Vada Plus) Set 1 is a detox course that helps you to gently detoxify your body and cleanse the GIT. It consists of several products that gradually activate the detox processes in the body and you go through the process easily. The program is extremely effective in combination with healthy diets.

    The main effects include:

    • detoxification of the organism

    • flushing of toxins and wastes from the intestines

    • cleansing and restoring microflora

    The body easily absorbs all nutrients and vital elements, the regeneration processes are active, the metabolism is normal - all thanks to the Colo-Vada Plus programme. The complex contains many nutritive elements to support the organism during the stressful time, and they are all presented in easily digestible forms to ensure the maximum absorption and the best result.

  • Go Detox (Colo-Vada Plus) (14 packets) Set № 1 produces Coral Club in United States

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