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Go Detox Mix (Colo Vada Plus) - 16 pouches

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The release form: 16 pouches


  • A healthy program Go Detox Mix (Colo Vada Plus) is a solution to many problems in one box! Components, especially designed to work in synergy, are completely natural and will help your body detoxify, normalize the vitamin-mineral balance, improve digestion and metabolism, regulate the work of almost all bodily systems and organs, improve the immune system and even appearance! No diets, no doctors, simple nutrients and proper vitamins, all ready for you!

    The main effects of the product

    • - detoxification

    • - regulating metabolic and digestive processes

    • - mild laxative

    • - recovery processes normalization

    • - normalizing GIT microflora

    • - anti-inflammatory effect

    • - antioxidant effect

    How the main ingredients work

    The complex takes up 2 weeks and each day has a schedule you have to follow. The instructions were designed in accordance with our body’s needs during the course of the program. All the ingredients support and improve the effects of each other.The main effect - a global detoxification of the organism, flushing away toxins and wastes, all the dangerous masses the body has piled up during lifetime. The program is divided into three stages for the convenience. 

    1 - Prepare the organism Such a program can be a shock to an unprepared body that is used to a certain type of diet and lifestyle, so the first phase is designed to fix that. 

  • 2 - Cleanse This part of the program is actually cleaning your body of the aforementioned masses, helping it to get rid of toxins and harmful wastes in a natural way - by activating organism’s cleaning systems, like urinary. 

  • 3 - Restore The body needs time to heal and restore all functions that were activated during the program. And the components of this phase are specially designed to help the organism recover and heal. 

    • Laxative. Cascara sagrada is responsible for creating a soft and regular stool during the program, it helps the body to easily bind and flush all the wastes from the GIT.

    • Antiparasitic. Black walnut leaves work as an anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic component, making sure that any bacteria, fungi, worms and other dangerous elements are exterminated from the body. It also normalizes the inner microflora and boosts metabolism.

    • The vitamin-mineral complex. Ultimate fills the body with vital nutrients and at the same time eases their absorption, making sure the body is supplied with all the necessary components for a proper activity.

    • Proteins. Alfalfa is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, proteins, organic acids and many other nutrients that support the work of the body during and after the cleansing program. It lowers cholesterol levels and controls the synthesis of hormones.

    • Food fiber. The Colo Vada powder is the component that fills the stomach and suppresses appetite, it absorbs all the wastes in the intestines and flushes them in a natural way. Kaolin is the base of this component, it has an ability to absorb about 40 times of its own mass, which is important when detoxifying the organism.

    Lacto and bifidobacteria. These elements are vital for the stomach and the intestines as they guarantee the normal digestive process and regenerative activity. 

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