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Water Pack

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The release form: Coral-Mine and KOR Delta reusable water bottle


Water Pack from the Coral Club consists of the Coral-Mine and a KOR Delta reusable water bottle. The pack is designed for those who wish to stay healthy and hydrated at all times, in any place.

Coral-Mine is a product that cleanses your drinking water and fills it with natural minerals, salts, vitamins. Water cleansed with it is healthier, softer, has a good mineral balance and actually improves your physical state.

The water bottle of innovative design is extremely comfy and safe - no more spills, the water in it stays fresh and it is always comfortable to carry with you anywhere - work, gym, a simple walk in a park or your classes.

The main effects of the product

  • Helps with headaches, migraines, any type of pain. Pain can be a signal of dehydration of a certain organ or system. Our blood is 85% water so it is vital to keep our body hydrated and to keep a proper mineral balance in the organism. Water enriched with Coral-Mine is the perfect way to do that.

  • Boosts energy levels. Water is important in oxygen transportation in the organism, it ensures that every cell gets its dose of oxygen, and normalizes metabolism on a cellular level. Lack of water and oxygen can lead to low work efficiency and the feeling of tiredness or apathy.

  • Weight gain control. A properly hydrated organism has an active metabolism and all digestive processes work as they should, thus the organism does not store excess fat and uses already stored energy fully.  

  • Normalizes digestive processes. Water is extremely good for the whole GIT, it regulates the production of pancreatic juice and enzymes, the minerals in it control the microflora and the activity in the intestines.  

  • Improves the state of bone, joint, muscle tissues. Water participates in protein synthesis and keeps our bones and muscles elastic and firm, and calcium makes sure they stay strong and hard. It is highly important for keeping a proper interarticular fluid in a good state, which ensures that bones and joints can endure more physical loads and stay healthy.

  • Keeps skin, nails, and hair healthy. Our body desperately needs water to keep collagen and keratin levels up, without them out skin ages faster and may develop some common problems, our hair loses shine and becomes fragile, just as our nails. Proper water balance keeps the skin hydrated, prevents early aging and boosts metabolism.

Detoxification. A proper water balance in the organism helps it to naturally neutralize and get rid of toxins and wastes. It helps the work of liver and kidneys, which keep the organism clean and healthy.

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