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Tasty B lime flavor

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The release form: 30 chewable tablets


Tasty B is a dietary supplement in a form of chewing tablets that help to normalize the vitamin balance in the body, boost the immune system and regulate many bodily functions. The main components are different Vitamin B groups, each responsible for a certain task. Working in synergy, they help to overcome consequences of unhealthy diet and lifestyle, lower anxiety levels and help the work of the nervous system, regulate brain activity and enhance intellectual performance, boost the energy on a cellular level.  

The main effects of the product

  • - helps to normalize the activity of the nervous system and the brain

  • - improves energy income on a cellular level

  • - helps the work of heart and vessels

  • - enhances memory and other intellectual activities

How the main ingredients work

The product consists of different types of vitamin B in a bioactive form - it is easy for the organism to recognize it and properly process it.

  • B1 is important for brain activity and the cellular metabolism. It helps to regulate the work of the nervous system and prevents troubles with memory, mood swings and early brain aging. B1 actively participates in the digestion process of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, thus regulating energy levels in the body.

  • B2 participates in the ATP molecules synthesis, in processing nutrients and protecting the cells from damages. It helps to keep the liver clean and healthy, regulates the cholesterol levels in blood and liver, actively protects the nervous system, is important for the healthy state of eyes.

  • B3 regulates the cholesterol levels in the body, actively normalizes metabolic processes, thus regulating the blood flow and activating brain work. This vitamin is very important for mental health.

  • B5 activates the protective systems of the organism, boosts the immune system and improves work efficiency. Actively participates in a proper work of the nervous system and brain.

  • B6 works in synergy with B9 and B12 to help cardiovascular and nervous systems. Helps the body to properly absorb other vitamins.

  • B7 is best known for its age-preventing properties. It regulates the production of keratin in the body and keeps skin, hair, nails healthy, improves the elasticity of the vessels, helps to activate fat content in cells.

  • B9 participates in cell growth and regeneration processes, regulates the work of the heart and vessels, the nervous system, metabolic processes, formation of blood cells and normalizes hemoglobin levels. Folic acid participates in the nucleic acid synthesis, it is vital for a healthy reproduction in almost any living species, especially humans. It regulates the proper work of women organs and normalizes the production of female hormones.

  • B12 is very helpful to the nervous system - it regulates the mood and emotional state, helps the work of the brain, prevents anemia and boosts energy levels in a natural way.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking one tablet a day, during mealtime.

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