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Amino Acid Complex

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Amino Acid Complex (Protivity) is a bioactive dietary supplement designed to fill the body with proteins and amino acids to speed up recovery processes and regulate metabolism. It is highly recommended for those who wish to lose excess weight and people who lead an active lifestyle. The product eases muscle and tissue recovery after workloads and makes it easier to restore energy.

The main effects of the product

  • - a great source of natural protein

  • - improves energy metabolism

  • - regulates the condition of the immune system

  • - normalizes blood flow

  • - improves cellular metabolism

  • - enhances work efficiency

  • - helps the work of the endocrine system

  • - supports the heart and vessels

  • - normalizes cholesterol levels

  • - has a mild sedative effect - calms the nervous system

How the main ingredients work

The amino acids in the Complex are aimed to help the work of the whole organism, as they take part in such important actions as breathing and metabolism, the work of the cardiovascular system, energy metabolism.

  • Isoleucine and valine participate in the production of natural hemoglobin, one of the main components of a healthy blood, which ensures that all systems and organs receive their nutrients and oxygen. They are important for storing the energy on a cellular level.

  • Lysine is an important acid that regulates the production and synthesis of enzymes and hormones, meaning it controls the absorption of all nutrients the body receives, it is important for the regeneration processes in cells, it regulates metabolism and is a vital form of protein.

  • Phenylalanine is vital for a proper brain activity, it stimulates the nerve impulses and energy metabolism, regulates endorphins levels, positively influences the nervous system and the mood, enhances memory and concentration, improves stress resistance.

  • Glutamine activates the burning of the stored fats, thus burning excess calories, activates metabolism, normalizes the oxygen transportation to the organs and systems, speeds up the muscle recovery after workloads, eases the intellectual workloads.

  • Methionine, threonine are the elements protecting the liver and activating her functions. They stimulate the production of natural choline, antibodies, and immunoglobulins, which normalize blood composition and flow, lower the cholesterol levels and boost the immune system.

  • Arginine is a very powerful antioxidant that prevents early cell oxidation and protects it from free radicals, stimulates the insulin production and normalizes the lipid levels in the blood.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking five tablets of the product daily, with a glass of water.

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