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Microhydrin is a leading Coral Club product that has extraordinary antioxidant powers that boost immune system and tone the whole organism. By actively destroying free radicals in the body, it prevents early aging and makes you feel refreshed and energetic.

The Main Perks

The Microhydrin improves the immune system, fills the body cells with energy and nourishes them.

It is a supplement that helps the body to better digest products and extract the maximum amount of nutritive components from it, such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins. This tones the body, stops signs and causes of early aging, promotes muscle and tissue flexibility. 

Instructions and advice

The best way to begin the usage of the supplement is to use 2 capsules of the product each day - one in the morning and one in the evening (if not advised otherwise by a doctor) - and you should always take it with a glass of water, preferably at least 8 oz.

It is a very powerful antioxidant - it stops and destroys the free radicals that appeared after a molecule lost an electron, becoming a dangerous new cell that wants to “take” other cells’ electrons and thus killing them. The product slows down the aging process, boosts immune system and metabolism, making sure bodily protective systems work on full power.

During any physical activity, the lactic (milk) acid is produced, and it prevents the muscles and tissue from a quick and safe restoration and recovering. Using our supplement for at least one full week will reduce the lactic acid production by 24% and let the body recover faster, it will improve the elasticity of the bones and muscles. The product is widely popular among athletes because it allows them to better endure exertions and makes it easier to conduct every physical activity.

The supplement helps the body to properly process and digest all nutritive components and the potential energy from food. While releasing powerful antioxidants, the supplement takes part in the process of breaking down fats, proteins and other components, making sure the body receives all the energy from them. This process releases many electrons that are then taken to all the cells and take part in cell respiration, they restore the ac­tive ATF-NADF form and fill the body with the vital energy it needs.

Microhydrin also actively participates in the process of recovering and regeneration of damaged tissue in organs and the whole body and has a massive influence on the process of fighting pathogens.

The supplement normalizes body pH levels, fills blood with oxygen, improves metabolism and eliminates free radicals.

The product increases the levels of hydration in cells, improves intercellular liquid’s biological properties, makes it easier to absorb all nutrients in cells.

The supplement is vital in providing energy to the following systems of the body::

  • - The immune system;

  • - The cardiovascular system;

  • - The digestive system;

  • Muscles and tissues.

    Manufactured in: United States

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