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“LymFlow” is a natural bioavailable supplement that is designed to improve and support the lymphatic system functioning. It actively influences liquid metabolism in the body, helps the detoxification processes, and generally supports the overall health.

The main effects of the product

  • - improves liquid metabolism

  • - supports the immune system

  • - activates detox processes

  • - antioxidant

  • - regulates lymph flow

  • - helps the cardiovascular system functioning

How the main ingredients work

Cherry pedicles work in synergy with blackcurrant leaves, they regulate fluids circulation in the organism, stimulate it where necessary and activate the detoxification process, making the organism flush out excess fluids with toxins and wastes. This helps to improve the lymphatic drainage system, improving the state of the immune system.

Hibiscus and parsley natural extracts regulate metabolism on a cellular level, work as antioxidants that protect blood vessels from free radicals and toxins, normalize their permeability. These components are famous for their youth-restoring properties, and have detoxifying effects.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking three capsules of the product daily, during mealtime.

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