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The release form: 60 vegetable capsules


“Iron” is a bioactive supplement that regulates the work of the cardiovascular system, prevents anemia, improves work efficiency and stress resistance. It is important for a proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

The main effects of the product

  • - is very bioavailable - easily absorbed by the organism

  • - prevents anemia and heart diseases

  • - improves blood circulation and composition

  • - regulates the nutrition of skin, nails, and hair, prevents oxidation of cells

  • - improves the respiration of skin, prevents skin diseases

How the main ingredients work

The bioavailable form in which the iron is presented in this product is easily digested and fully absorbed by the organism, meaning there is no harm to the health.

Iron actively participates in the formation of blood cells, in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the body cells. It means the cell respiration process runs smoothly, all the organs receive nutrients and oxygen they need, the cholesterol levels are normalized and the heart rhythm is normal, thus iron prevents anemia and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The product is highly beneficial for the work of the brain, it helps to improve memory and concentration, improves work efficiency and stress resistance - both physical and intellectual.

Iron contributes to the ATP molecules synthesis, meaning it regulates the energy metabolism in the body.

Iron greatly helps the work of the immune system as it participates in the production of special enzymes that are used to suppress pathogenic microbes and bacteria. It also stimulates the production of natural interferon and lysozyme, speeds up the detoxification process.

By normalizing the process of cell respiration, iron helps to keep nails, skin, and hair healthy, preventing early oxidation or aging processes.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking one tablet of the product daily, during mealtime.

Manufactured in: United States Coral Club.

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