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Coral-Mine 10 sachets

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The release form: 10 filter-sachets 1g each


Coral-Mine is made from a specific kind of corals, only found in the Sea of Japan.

Coral is a simple sea animal, its skeleton is made of different mineral salts that have a tremendous effect on a man’s body and health, and all of them work for one sole purpose - to help the body function at the highest rate, regulating vital body functions and making sure the organism has all the energy it needs.

Calcium is vital for the strength and flexibility of the bones and tissues because they support the heart and blood vessels.

Magnesium increases the energetic potential of the body. It is responsible for a steady and rhythmic heartbeat, tones up the muscles. Only the correct amount of this mineral prevents calcium from leaving the bone tissue, making them soft and fragile.

Main Perks

The supplement helps the body in many ways - boosts immune systems, regulates the pH levels, improves the health condition of the organism. Balances metabolism, helps the body to receive energy from the products and to reserve it - the product will be highly helpful for sportsmen and people who have a lot of physical or intellectual activity.  


All the components of the program aid to normalize and regulate the metabolism of the body. The sodium in the complex works for the heart: improves cardiovascular system and blood vessels. Magnesium is vital for a proper activity of the nervous system, it transmits nerve impulses, relieves depression. Vitamin C, widely-known for its antioxidant powers, destroys symptoms and causes of early aging. All these ingredients work as a whole system, in synergy, by cooperating inside and making sure the effects last longer.

When contacting with water, the product releases minerals and vitamins, delivering them to water and making it work for the body by:

  • • balancing the pH levels;

  • • normalizing blood pressure and bloodstream;

  • • preventing osteoporosis, arthritis;

  • • restoring the elastic properties of the muscles, bones, and tissues;

  • • regulating kidneys and the functions of GIT;

  • • improving skin condition.

  • Coral Club present video about Coral Mine

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