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Daily Health Pack

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  • Daily Health Pack is a Coral Club product that contains a mix of vital elements for every day - a set of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in the proper amount, and it is simple to use.

    The components of the products have the following effects on the body enhancing drinking water by cleansing it and filling it with minerals and salts. It restores the mineral balance of the body, normalizes metabolism and other processes in the body, cleanses it of toxins.

    Compensating the lack of vital nutrients by filling the organism with vitamins, salts, and minerals that regulate inner microflora.

    Components of antioxidant powers that protect the body from free radicals and eliminate them and their effects, boost cell energy resources and prevent early aging of the organism.

    Omega is vital for the nervous, immune and cardiovascular system due to the right amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids that help to regulate and normalize healthy processes in those systems.

    “GOBOX” is a pleasant addition to the program. A comfy and stylish box to store all the necessary products and supplements on the go - it easily fits into a pocket or a purse and you will always have a needed supplement at any time.

  • Coral Club cares about customers and made this box to be your companion to the new lifestyle.

    The program is a vital step on your road to a life of health and balance.

    Buy Daily Health Pack Coral Club in the USA, Canada in one simple step: click on "price" and checkout.

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