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Aloe Formula

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“Aloe Formula” is a product designed to restore and support GIT functioning, metabolism, improve the absorption of vital nutrients. A mixture of Aloe Vera, bioavailable form of calcium, flaxseed extracts, and lecithin ensures a healthy gut and intestines microflora, a protected mucosa, and activated regeneration process on a cellular level.

The main effects of the product

  • - activates healing processes across the body, concentrated in GIT

  • - restores and supports GIT microflora

  • - improves digestive process, nutrients absorption

  • - prevents GIT disorders and diseases

  • - anti-inflammatory

  • - protects the liver, improves its function

How the main ingredients work

Aloe Vera is one of ancients plants with many beneficial properties that our ancestors used to heal wounds, improve stomach functions, generally improve health with. It contains many valuable nutrients that actively participate in the functions of our organisms; the plant has active anti-inflammatory properties and it stimulates healing process on a cellular level.

  • Saponins effectively reduce inflammations across the body, normalize cholesterol levels, improve protein digestion.

  • Anthraquinones activate detox process in the large intestine, without causing damage to any processes in the stomach or the small intestine, they have a mild laxative effect that ensures an easy and natural flushing of harmful wastes and toxins from the system. These components have a slight sedative effect, they reduce painful feelings and normalize the state of the nervous system.

  • Amino acids regulate metabolic and digestive processes, have antioxidant effect, normalize blood composition and flow, prevent early oxidation of cells. These acids effectively stop premature aging process.

  • Flaxseed is rich in vitamin A, organic acids, enzymes, glycerin - its components reduce inflammations and irritations, especially in the GIT, they regulate hormone and enzyme synthesis, normalizing the hormonal balance. It also restores a healthy microflora which stimulates the immune system.

  • Mineral complex improves cardiovascular system functioning, improves the absorption of nutrients in the GIT.

  • Vitamin complex has an antioxidant effect, they regulate metabolism and reduce cholesterol, activate the immune system, regulate blood composition and flow. Vitamins generally boost energy levels and improve an overall state of the organism.

  • Lecithin regulates metabolism and normalizes cholesterol levels in liver and blood, preventing atherosclerosis, it participates in lipid metabolism and keeps organs clean and healthy.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking two-three capsules of the product daily, during mealtime.

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