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MSM (60 capsules)

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The release form: 60 capsules


MSM is a short name of Methylsulfonylmethane - a product that is highly important for the health of bone and muscle tissue, for the beauty of the skin, hair, and nails, that prevents premature aging on a cellular level and strengthens the body as a whole. The product is presented in easily digestible and bioactive form of organosulfur, element found in every living creature, and that is vital for a proper activity of all organs and system in the human body.

The main effects of the product

  • - supports the beauty and strength of nails, hair, and skin

  • - supports the work of bones, muscle tissues

  • - regulates metabolism

  • - prevents premature aging

  • - normalizes keratin and collagen levels in the body

  • - protects from free radicals and early oxidation

How the main ingredients work

MSM has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, it participates in the synthesis of enzymes, collagen, it actively helps the body with detoxification on a cellular level, stimulates the production and absorption of organic acids and fats, even helps to normalize the inner microflora.

Biotin is an element known for its beauty-supporting properties, it boosts the natural production of collagen and keratin that are vital for the health of the skin, nails, and hair, for the elasticity of bones and muscles, for the strength of heart and vessels.

This component is a rich natural source of bioavailable sulfur, which is the main “beauty ingredient”.

It also boosts the absorption of vitamin C, which is important for the state of the nervous and immune systems, it protects cells from free radicals and early oxidation, stimulates a better metabolism, regulates the work of enzymes.

Biotin has a property of regulating the absorption of different kinds of nutrients the body receives, it positively influences the work of the brain and the cardiovascular system, improves the state of the nervous system.

Vitamin C in the product is necessary for its antioxidant properties, the ability to boost the immune system, for participation in the production of collagen and elastin. It stimulates cellular regeneration processes and thus stops early aging, helps the body to better use the received minerals and vitamins, including the sulfur. Vitamin C also boosts the protective properties of the skin, especially the natural UV filters.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking one capsule of product daily, during mealtime.

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