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“DigestAble” is a natural bioactive supplement, containing vital vegetable-based enzymes to improve digestion and the functioning of GIT. It helps to restore a proper microflora, regulates the acidity, improves nutrients absorption, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is highly beneficial for people who suffer from GIT disorder or have an excess weight problem.

The main effects of the product

  • - anti-inflammatory

  • - activates regeneration on a cellular level, helps to restore inner microflora

  • - regulates digestive and metabolic processes

  • - improves nutrients, vitamins, minerals absorption

  • - fills the gut with vital enzymes

  • - restores a proper pH balance

  • - regulates proteins and fats breakdown

How the main ingredients work

Enzymes play a vital part in the digestive process, regulating nutrients absorption and metabolic processes. The lack of them can lead to serious disorders of the GIT and, as a consequence, disorders of other systems in the body. To prevent that, our organism has to be supplied with all the necessary elements it needs for a proper digestion and metabolism, and DigestAble is the product to help you with that.

The product contains a well-designed complex of plant-based natural enzymes that are highly available for the organism.

  • Amylase is one of the most active enzymes as it starts functioning with the saliva in the mouth, once the food is being chewed. It breaks down carbohydrates, turns starch into glucose and continues its work in the stomach, helping the digestion of fats and proteins. It is a vital part of the gastric juice and is important for nutrients absorption.

  • Protease participates in breaking down proteins into amino acids, that later improve the digestion themselves.

  • Lipase contributes to fat breakdown in the stomach and the duodenum, it is naturally produced by the pancreas and participates in amino acid synthesis.

  • Papain takes part in proteins digestion, and it is highly valuable due to its survivability - it maintains active in all types of organism’s conditions, including acidic and alkaline.

  • Bromelain is the main anti-inflammatory component, it is active both in the stomach and the intestines, ensuring a safe microflora and an improved immunity.

  • Lactase is indispensable for lactose digestion; without it, elements of dairy products and sugars can’t be properly digested and can cause inflammations, bad fermentation processes and, eventually, GIT diseases.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking one or two capsules of the product before every mealtime during the day.

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