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Coral Magnesium

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Coral Magnesium is a product that actively supports the health of the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. It contains bioactive forms of magnesium that are easily absorbed by the human body and have useful properties: normalizing the metabolism, stimulating enzymes synthesis, regulating the work of the heart and vessels, regulating blood pressure and much more.

The main effects of the product

  • - helps the work of the heart muscle

  • - regulates the activity in the blood vessels

  • - normalizes blood pressure

  • - prevents anemia

  • - normalizes cholesterol levels

  • - activates the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the cells

  • - eases the digestion of proteins, nutrients, vitamins, minerals

  • - contributes to the strengthening of bones and tissues

  • - stimulates metabolic and digestive processes

  • - activates enzymes synthesis

  • - improves stress resistance and work efficiency

  • - boosts the immune system

How the main ingredients work

The product mainly consists of two components - taurine amino acid and glycine amino acid. These ingredients are vital organic acids that participate in many processes in the human body and the lack of them can cause damages to the health of the whole organism or to some organs or systems.

These components were designed to work in synergy and amplify the effects of each other. They are presented in a very bioavailable form and the body does not waste much energy on their absorption.

Glycine and taurine together stimulate the ATP molecules synthesis and boost cellular energy levels, thus improving the state of the cardiovascular system and slowing down the aging processes.

Magnesium stimulates a proper neuromuscular response and regulates the work of the nervous system. It is well-known for relieving stressful and depressive states, improving the mood in general.

Magnesium contributes to the strengthening of bone tissues, and firming and toning of muscle tissues, especially the membranes of organs and vessels.

The product actively stimulates metabolism, the digestion of proteins and minerals, it stimulates a better digestion and absorption of calcium, regulates the sodium levels in the body.

Magnesium lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in blood vessels, thus preventing blood clotting and many dangerous conditions that might follow.

How to use

Specialists recommend taking two capsules of product a day, during mealtime.

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