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Daily Delicious Ripe Tomato & Broccoli Soup Coral Club

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The release form: 525 g


Daily Delicious Ripe Tomato & Broccoli Soup of Coral Club is a perfect meal that fills you with vital proteins and vitamins, while only containing 110 kcal. It only takes a few minutes to get done and your healthy meal is ready!

How it works:

  • - rich in proteins;

  • - healthy calorie count;

  • - gives a feeling of fulfillment - and you don’t overeat;

  • - regulates the activity of the GIT;

  • - boosts energy levels and strengthens the whole body;

  • - empowers the immune system;

  • - has antioxidant powers;

  • - detoxifies;

  • - regulates GIT processes;

  • - boosts metabolism;

People who will find the Soup the most useful:

  • - indoor workers;

  • - athletes and sportsmen;

  • - students and pupils;

  • - those who lead a healthy lifestyle;

  • - those who wish to lose weight and stay that way;

  • - vegans and vegetarians.

Tomato soup only contains natural and healthy components, so it is highly effective in duo with the “supping”, a cleansing program.

Tomatoes make up for about half of the product and 40% of all ingredients. Benefits of the product’s components:

  • - antioxidant effect that protects the organism from free radical and boosts the immune system;

  • - regulated work of heart and blood stream;

  • - bone and tissues flexibility and strength normalization;

  • - normalized bloodstream and blood composition;

  • - restored and improved skin, hair, and nails;

  • - detoxification, boost of energy, of the immune system, regulated collagen production and synthesis.

Iodized salt is rich in iodine, which is vital for the proper work of the thyroid gland.

Proteins of locust beans eliminate free radicals, tone, boost energy and slow down the aging process on a cellular level.

Broccoli - is a rich source of vital vitamin K, folic acid, different elements and minerals that regulate the work of the immune system, empower it, detoxify the GIT and normalize heart rhythms.   

Proteins of carob and sunflower. Perfect components for those who do sports - a high percentage of amino acids help the body to cope with physical loads easier and to recover faster. They are low in calories and have many important nutrients.

Leeks and a mixture of spices. Powerful antioxidants, rich in vitamins, this mix boosts the digestive process, adds a spicy flavor to the Soup.

Natural spices (oregano, basil, parsley, black pepper) are simply healthy natural flavor enhancers, known to men for thousands of years - they accelerate the digestive process and make it easier to absorb all nutrients from the food.

Daily Delicious Ripe Tomato & Broccoli Soup Made in Germany for Coral Club

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